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Last update on 22. Oct 2022 .
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    Cluster groups


    ARB_DIST/Detect clusters/Cluster groups



    Choose whether you like to create (or delete) groups for all 'listed clusters' or for the currently 'selected cluster' only.

    Specify the wanted identity between cluster and the subtree, where the group will be created. If you just calculated clusters (for the tree currently selected in the ARB_DIST main window) the identity will always be 100%. Specifying a lower identity value, allows to apply groups to a different tree.

    Click on 'create groups' to create groups for affected clusters.

    It might happen, that your tree already contains groups, where this function likes to insert new ones. In this case you can choose to either

    • abort (the default)
    • skip
    • overwrite with generated name or
    • overwrite and append original group name.

    You can specify a name prefix for the generated group names.

    The rest of the name is generated from the 'Name suffix' specification. This specification may contain normal text and the following codes:

    %p            position in upgroup (which don't start with cluster prefix)
    %P            position in upgroup
    %t            position in tree
    %d            mean distance of cluster
    %D            max allowed distance (as set in input field)
    %o            "..%_of" (only occurs when applying to different tree topology)
    %e            existing group-name
    %%            %

    The single parts of the name get separated by the string specified as 'Separator'.

    Click on 'delete groups' to erase groups existing at cluster subtrees. You can select to remove all groups or only groups matching the name prefix.

    If you have used 'append original' while creating groups, arb will restore the original groups name instead of deleting the group.


    This function always affects the tree currently selected in the ARB_DIST main window.






    Be careful when using 'overwrite' without appending original names. It will destroy existing groups.



    No bugs known