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Color properties


<any properties menu>/Colors and fonts



This is a generic window that allows you to configure the display colors of the current application.

Click onto the colorized button to open a color selection window. That window contains some predefined colors and the possibility to change red/green/blue values of the current color.

Next to the colorized buttons there are textfields containing the color values. There are three different types of values:

  • color names (like 'red', 'green', ..)
  • '#rgb' where r/g/b stands for 0..f (hexadecimal values)
  • '#rrggbb' same as above

Attached to some of the colors there are font selection buttons to configure the font used for this color (and for all following colors that have no font selection button).

At the top of the window there is a button to set all customizable fonts to the same value.

This window may contain a button at the bottom, allowing you to define the colors of color groups (see ´Configure color groups´).



See 'xcolors' for color names.



When called from ARB_NT, this window allows to define colours and fonts for the tree display area.

Different colours and fonts can be used to indicate marked and unmarked species as well as branches or groups containing marked and unmarked species.

When called from ARB_EDIT4, this window allows to define colours and fonts for the sequence display area.






Colorized buttons do not change their color until the application has been restarted.