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Last update on 05. Sep 2022 .
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View ARB logs


ARB_NT/Tools/View ARB log

ARB_NT/Tools/View server log



"View ARB log" shows the logfile of the current arb session.

The logfile contains any output from ARB itself and from some sub-processes, e.g.

"View server log" shows the logfile of all ptservers and nameservers started from the current arb session.

e.g. shows the detailed progress while building a ptserver

"View sysinfo" shows system information collected by arb about your system.



The log will be displayed using the shell command 'less'.

Pressing Ctrl-C in the log, will allow to use

  • page-up / page-down to traverse through the log
  • 'q' to quit and close the window


ARB session log archive  

  • all 3 files mentioned above are packed into session archives when arb terminates.
  • the most recent session is linked in your home directory as ARB_last_session.tgz.
  • all session log archives are stored in ~/.arb_prop/logs






Only works if arb has been started via the script 'arb' (which is the standard way to run arb).



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