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Last update on 04. Mar 2022 .
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    Copy and Paste


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    The motif GUI does not support "normal" copy and paste bindings. Instead you have to use the following bindings:

    • Copy = Ctrl-Insert
    • Paste = Shift-Insert
    • Cut = Shift-Delete

    Selecting text works as usual: Shift+<cursor movement>

    It is as well possible to use the mouse to select text. Selected text can be pasted using the middle mouse button (w/o the need to explicitely perform some copy operation).






    Copy and paste inside the same textfield does NOT work as expected with motif GUI. If you run into problems, try the following:

    • select and copy your text
    • paste it somewhere else (e.g. some texteditor, ...)
    • copy from there and paste into ARB

    Copying pasted text OVER selected text does NOT work as expected with motif GUI. Instead you have to delete selected text first, then copy wanted text and then paste it.



    The whole copy and paste mechanism provided by motif is considered a bug!