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Load species/SAI into running editor




ARB_EDIT4/Edit/Load current species

ARB_EDIT4/Edit/Load marked species

ARB_EDIT4/Edit/Load SAI ...



Several functions allow to load missing species into a running ARB_EDIT4 instance.

GET-button in top area:

Loads the currently ´Selected species´ into the editor.

JUMP-button in top area:

Jumps to the ´Selected species´, i.e. scrolls the species into the viewport and places the cursor into the species.
If the species is inside a folded group, this group and any folded parent groups will be unfolded.
In general the editor will automatically jump to the ´Selected species´, unless the species is in a folded group.
If the species is not loaded into the editor yet, the JUMP button behaves like the GET button, i.e. loads the species and then jumps to it.

ARB_EDIT4/Edit/Load current species:

Same as GET button

ARB_EDIT4/Edit/Load marked species:

Similar to GET button, but operates on all marked species.

ARB_EDIT4/Edit/Load SAI ...:

Allows to load missing SAIs.
Select one of the (not yet loaded) SAIs from the popup list and press LOAD.
If the list is empty, all SAIs with data in the alignment (used by ARB_EDIT4) are already loaded.


When loading (a previously missing) species or SAI into ARB_EDIT4, it will be placed in a group named 'More Sequences'.









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