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Database field shader


ARB_NT/Tree/Tree shading/...

Select 'Database field shader' and press 'Configure'.



This field shader allows to shade items (eg. species in tree) according to one or more database entries.

Each row in this window configures one dimension. Each dimension defines one color-channel.

The toggle at the beginning of each row switches the dimension on/off.

The button behind selects the database field which shall be visualized as color. The database fields normally has to contain a numeric value.

The next input field allows to specify an ACI command. It will be applied to the content of the database field and the result will be interpreted as numeric value.

The two inputfields behind the field-selection specify the lower and upper border of the value-range.

Press the 'SCAN' button to scan all database entries (+apply ACI) for minimum and maximum occurring values and use them as value-range.
The value range is mapped to the active color range which can be selected in the shader setup window.
Values outside the value-range are forced into the range, eg. if the specified value-range is [10 .. 20], then a value of 5 is displayed like 10 and a value of 25 is displayed like 20.


If you exchange the borders of the value range (eg. [20 .. 10]) it will be mapped reverse.









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