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Genemap options


ARB Gene Map/Properties/Options



Options for display of genome map:


Arrow size
Defines the pizel-size of drawn arrows. Arrows indicate the direction of the gene.
Show hidden genes
Toggles whether hidden genes are displayed or not (see ´Hiding genes´).
Show NDS for all genes
Normally NDS information (see ´Node Display Setup (NDS)´) is only displayed for all marked and for the currently selected gene. If checked, NDS info will be displayed for all genes.
Auto jump to selected gene
If checked, the display automatically centers on the selected gene.

"Book-style" display:

Basepositions per 'Line'
Defines the width of the book in "alignment positions"
The next 'Line' will start at the left side below the previous 'Line', as lines in a book do.
Width factor / Height of lines
Defines horizontal / vertical display scaling.
Space between lines
Number of pixels between lines.

Vertical display:

Factor X/Y
Defines horizontal / vertical display scaling.

Radial display:

Center size
Defines the size of the inner, empty area of the radial display
Radial size
Defines the size of the outer part of the radial display (which displays the genes).










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