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Last update on 04. Mar 2022 .
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Define fields exported with gene species


ARB_NT/Export/Export .. to new ARB database/Transfer Species/Source->Target/Define field transfer for gene species



Here you can define which fields (of the origin organism or of the origin gene of a gene species) should be transferred to the new database and how they should be modified.

To define a new transfer rule, do the following steps:

  • Enter name of created field
  • Choose a creation method
    If you choose 'Copy from organism/gene' you have to provide a 'Source field' and you MAY provide an ACI expression.
    If you choose 'Only use ACI' you have to provide an ACI expression, but no 'Source field'.
  • Check if the example shows your intended result.



The example will be calculated for the gene-species which is selected in the left Hitlist of the 'TRANSFER SPECIES' window.

The ACI expression applies to the Organism or the Gene if 'Copy from organism/gene' is selected. If 'Only use ACI' is selected it applies to the gene-species.

Note that it is possible to create hierarchical keys. Simply enter something like 'organism/full_name' into the destination field.









When you export gene-species to a new database this database is marked as 'Arb-Genome-Database'. We need to implement some kind of Database-Admin-Tool to change the database type.