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Last update on 04. Mar 2022 .
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Create a new input mask


In all 'User mask' menus



Enter the name of the input mask you'd like to create.

Choose the correct item type for your mask.

Choose the scope of your mask.

'Local' means the mask will only be visible to you (it gets saved in $ARB_PROP/inputMasks which defaults to ~/.arb_prop/inputMasks). See also ´ARB environment variables´.
'Global' means the mask will be visible to all users (you need write permission in $ARBHOME/lib/inputMasks to create such a mask).


To delete masks delete the corresponding file in the inputMasks subdirectory.

New created masks will not appear in the 'User masks' menu, before you restart ARB.

To provide an input mask to all users, copy it into $ARBHOME/lib/inputMasks






When a mask was reloaded (or created), macro recording will not work properly. You need to restart ARB before you can record/execute macros for modified masks.

Anyway, modifying a mask easily renders any macros recorded for that mask useless.



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