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Last update on 13. Sep 2023 .
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Define macro interruption





This window allows to define the text of a prompt, which will be shown during the playback of the macro you are currently recording.

Click the button at the bottom of this window to write the current prompt as planned interruption into your recorded macro.

Afterwards continue to record those steps of your macro, that should be played back AFTER the user has interacted.

The idea behind this is to add some degree of interaction to your macro.

For example you may instruct the user of your macro to

  • select some species,
  • mark some species,
  • search some species,
  • select a tree,
  • insert information to a textfield or
  • toggle/select some option in GUI.

Your prompt shall tell the user what to do.

Below your prompt the user will see a button labeled 'Click when done to continue with macro'.

As soon as the user clicks on this button, the macro execution will be continued.






This feature can be used to branch between alternative macro execution paths.

To do so, record the common and the alternative parts into separate macros. At the end of the common part, add a planned macro interruption (using the tool decribed here) to tell the user about the alternatives and which macro shall be called for which alternative.

Before recording the interruption, you may record "opening up the MACROS window" and even "selecting one of the mentioned alternatives". To make the latter work w/o problems for other users, edit the macro file and remove the full path from the remote_awar-command working on 'tmp/macro/file_name' (just keep the name).






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