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    ARB_EDIT4 F.A.Q.





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    General Q & A on ARB_EDIT4


    How to move around in ARB_EDIT4:  

    How to define the alignment detail visualized in the ARB_EDIT4 window?

    Use the scroll bars:
    • click on the triangles to move one position left/right or one line up/down.
    • drag the "bar" while keeping the left mouse button pressed.
    • click outside the "bar" to scroll page-wise

    Use the middle mouse button:
    • click inside the alignment, hold the button down and move the pointer

    Use the mouse wheel:
    • move pointer inside alignment and rotate the wheel (optionally with ALT/META)

    How to position the cursor:

    to visualize the editor cursor, position the mouse cursor and press the left button (note: the cursor is placed between the sequences positions; counting is for the position next right to the cursor)
    to move the editor cursor (it has to be placed somewhere before) to a given alignment position type a (position) number in one of the 'Position' (absolute alignment position - characters and gaps), 'E.coli' (homologous position in the E. coli standard), 'Base' (position in the current sequence - only characters, no gaps) or 'Helix #' (5'-end of 3' helix half; type a '-' for 5'-end of the 5' helix half) and move the mouse cursor back to the editing area of the ARB_EDIT4 window.
    to move the editor cursor to the next character (gap symbols neglected) press the 'ctrl' and one of 'right', 'left', 'up' or 'down' keys.

    How to compress and uncompress groups?

    click (left mouse button) on the triangle on the top of the group brackets

    How to move sequences?

    ensure the move mode has been activated (by pressing the 'MOVE' button; upper most in the left panel of the ARB_EDIT4 window), position the mouse cursor