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ARB_NT <button in the left column>



Both modes described here allow you to increase or reduce the length of terminal and internal branches.

Click on the eleventh resp. twelfth button in the left column of the 'ARB_NT' window to activate the 'LENGTH MODE' resp. 'MULTIFURC MODE'.

Change branch length:

Click and drag a branch to change its length.
If you use the right mouse button, discrete values will be used for the length.

Set branch length to zero:

Point to a branch with the mouse and hit the key '0' (zero).

Differences between LENGTH- and MULTIFURC-MODES  

The LENGTH MODE simply changes the length of the targeted branch.

The MULTIFURC-MODE changes the length of the targeted branch as well, but also distributes its length-change to its direct (non-zero-length) neighbour-branches. Distribution is based on the same algorithm as ´Multifurcate tree´.



To multifurcate explicit single branches, you may as well focus the tree-display, move the mouse pointer to the bootstrap value of the branch to eliminate and then press '0' to actually eliminate the branch.

Increasing the length of a branch in MULTIFURC-MODE may cause neighbour branches to become multifurcations. This is irreversible, i.e. reducing the length back to the original value will not "un-multifurcate" the affected branches.

In both modes it is possible to set branchlengths to negative values if expert-mode is enabled.






In MULTIFURC MODE you may not expect to undo all length distributions, by scaling the branchlength back to the original value it had before a previous scale operation!