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ARB_NT and ARB_PARSIMONY: <MOVE> button in the left column



The 'MOVE MODE' allows to change the topology of the displayed tree by moving subtrees.

Click on the <MOVE> button in the left column of the main window.

Move subtree:

Drag and drop a branch onto a target branch, to remove the branch from the tree and insert it next to the target branch.

Move Group Info:

Use the right mouse button to move the group information only. When dropped onto another group, both group informations will be exchanged.

ARB_PARSIMONY specific  

Within the 'ARB_PARSIMONY' window, this mode can be used to test tree topologies with respect to maximum parsimony criteria by moving subtrees. The current parsimony value is shown after the 'Current Par' prompt and can be compared with the 'Optimum Par' value of the initial tree (see ´Parsimony value´).



If you move group info in a tree that contains ´Keeled groups´, you'll probably encounter a special error message, stating that a group could not be moved because otherwise groups would partly overlap, which is impossible.

A simple example would be the following tree (which has invalid group definitions):

     G1 = !K1
     G2 = !K2

If all tags are groups here, the original groups for '!K1' and '!K2' would be equivalent to

  • K1 = R+G2
  • K2 = R+G1

which is impossible (because K1 and K2 share R, but none of them is completely contained in the other).






It is recommended to copy the tree before using the 'MOVE MODE', to avoid problems caused by that bug:



Undo 'Move Group Info' does not work (leads to loss of groupname). See