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Last update on 04. Mar 2022 .
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    Multiprobe results


    Shows the best multi-probes. Each multi-probe has a score, the higher the score the better.

    The user may add any string as a comment (or one of the three default comments)

    The selected multi-probe can be used to set the colors at the tips at the tree. The following colors are used

    Hit         Colorname     Default
    none        "None"        black
    Probe1      "P1"          red
    Probe2      "P2"          green
    Probe3      "P3"          blue
    Probe1+2    "P7"          yellow
    Probe2+3    "P8"          cyan
    Probe3+1    "P9"          magenta
    Probe1+2+3  "All"         white


    If you do not see any colors, the colors in 'Properties/Tree colors & fonts' are probably misconfigured.