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Tree display keyboard reference


Focus tree display area and press one of the hotkeys described below.



List of keys recognized by ARB_NTREE tree display


Marking species and folding groups  

 Key   Description
 m     mark/unmark (sub-)tree
 i     invert marks of (sub-)tree
 x     expand (Marked->Unmarked->All)
 c     collapse (Terminal->All)

If you point to a subtree with the mouse while pressing one of these keys, the action is performed on the subtree. Otherwise (if you point somewhere outside of the tree) the whole tree is targeted.

If you press < SHIFT + Key > the function works on the opposite set:

  • Instead of the subtree, the rest of the tree is targeted.
  • Instead of the whole tree, all species NOT in tree are targeted.

If you press < CTRL + Key > the function works on ALL species (if it makes sense).

SPACE toggles the mark(s) of the ´Selected species´ or group.

RETURN toggles the folding of the selected group.


Selecting species  

 Key              Description
 Cursor up/down   select previous/next species
 Home/End         select first/last species

If you press < CTRL + Key > these function only select marked species and if the selected species is inside a folded subtree all parent groups will be unfolded temporarily (to make the species visible).

If you press < SHIFT + Key > folded groups will temporarily unfolded and traversed, without SHIFT folded groups will be skipped.


Selecting groups  

 Key                       Description
 ALT + Cursor up/down      select previous/next group (inside enclosing group)
 ALT + Home/End            select first/last group    (inside enclosing group)
 ALT + Cursor left/right   ascend/descend out-of/into groups

Terminal groups will unfold when trying to descend further.


Howto switch selection between groups and species  

  • when a group is selected, you can use SHIFT + Cursor down/up to select the first/last species of that group.
  • when a species is selected, you can use ALT + Cursor left/right to select the enclosing group.



Expanding/collapsing is implemented in such way, that some key-combinations lead to determined tree-displays.


 Key-Combo   similar to
 cc          group all
 ccx         group all except marked
 xxx         ungroup all
 xxxc        group terminal groups

If a subtree does not contain unfolded groups the collapse keys target the first parent group instead.









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