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Last update on 04. Mar 2022 .
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Probe match (Expert)


ARB_NT/Probes/Match Probes/EXPERT



See ´Strength of base pairings´ for upper area.

Define how many N-matches are accepted:

'Accepted N-matches' defines the amount of N-matches that are accepted without causing a mismatch.
'N-match limit' defines an upper limit for N-matches. Whenever that limit is reached inside one probe, all N-matches count as mismatches.

Define max. results:

The number of hits is limited to 1 million by default.
This is just there to protect you from waiting several hours for match results, just because your settings were too lax.
Changing it to 0 disables the limitation.


An N-Match is caused either by Ns in the matched probe or by Ns in the hit target region.






Specifying high values for N-matches and then matching a probe containing many Ns, may keep your machine busy for days. Use with care.



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