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Last update on 04. Mar 2022 .
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Probe Design


ARB_NT/Probes/Design Probes



Searches for potential probe target sites within the sequence entries of the selected 'PT_SERVER' database.

First mark (a single or a group of) species (see ´What are Marked Species?´) for which probe target sites should be designed.

Configure the parameters (see ´Probe Design parameters´) and press 'GO' to start the probe design.



The 'PT_SERVER' database ('*.arb' and '*') stored in '$ARBHOME/lib/pts' is used for probe target searching (not the current database!).

The 'PT_SERVER' database has to be up-to-date or result calculated by probe design will be inaccurate (see ´Probe Design parameters´).






Take care that only and all species are marked for which a group specific probe has to be designed! If the displayed tree is used for species marking, consider that species belonging to the specificity group but not contained in this tree will remain unmarked and treated as non-targets.

Consequently, useful target sites may be not detected. Similarly marked species not related to the target species and not contained in the displayed tree will be treated as targets.



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