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ARB WWW Queries





The WWW-Interface can be used to search the Web for information taken from the ARB-Database.

Select a species and press the WWW button in the ARB_NTREE top area or choose the WWW mode and click on a species.



Here are some search examples (URL-Entries):

Search in ARB-SILVA:
Search in EMBL:
Search the Web for full-name using google:
       "";readdb(full_name);|srt(": =+")"
Search wikipedia for group- or species-name:

The URL in fact is an ´ARB Command Interpreter (ACI)´ expression. The name of the item (e.g. species or group) is used as input and can be accessed using the 'dd' command (as shown in the last example). That name contains the content of the first found field out of "group_name", "full_name" and "name".



Look at the bottom line of the WWW configuration window and check out whether the command line there calls your preferred internet browser.

Generic methods:

xdg-open "$(URL)"
open "$(URL)"               (OSX)


We are not responsible for any content you retrieve by using this function. Use this at your own responsibility.



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