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Last update on 04. Mar 2022 .
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    Re-repair database


    ARB_NT/Tools/DB admin/Re-repair DB



    At startup ARB_NT runs several checks about known database problems.

    These are problems that were caused by buggy ARB versions and may have caused specific incorrect data in your database.

    Normally it is enough to run each check once, repair the problem if it gets detected and remember, that the problem has been checked (that's how it works behind the scenes).

    Problems arise if such a "repaired database" is loaded again into an older, still buggy ARB-installation, which then again may break already fixed data. Afterwards your newer ARB-installation will assume things are already fixed and fine, while the opposite is true.
    Such a scenario might happen e.g. if you give a database to a colleague who does some modifications and then brings the database back to you.

    In doubt call the function described here. It will re-run all available checks and again attempt to repair all detected problems.



    Most checks report whether problems are detected and if they get fixed.

    If you get such reports after the scenario above, please encourage your colleague to update to a newer ARB version ;-)









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