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Last update on 04. Mar 2022 .
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Rename Species/Gene/Experiment


ARB_NT/Species/Species information/SPECIES/Rename

ARB_NT/Genome/Gene information/GENE/Rename

ARB_NT/Genome/Experiment/Experiment information/EXPERIMENT/Rename



Renames a 'species/gene' (see ´Glossary´) entry.

Choose the 'Rename' item from the 'SPECIES/GENE' menu to display the 'SPECIES/GENE RENAME' window. Type a name to this window and press <GO>



In case of renaming SPECIES you'll be asked whether you want to recreate the species ID. In case you have added a new species manually, we recommend doing so.

If you choose to recreate the species ID, the ARB NAMESERVER will be asked to forget any previously assigned ID and will really create a new ID from scratch. Therefore you will have to call 'Species/Synchronize IDs' in all databases that also contain the species.

If you are sure that the species only occurs in the current database, you may recreate the species ID without any further action.

To change the name of 'species/gene' entries, a protection level equal or higher than that assigned to this entry has to be set on the 'ARB_NT' window.









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