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    Print a Graphic to a Printer


    ARB_NT/Tree/Print Tree

    ARB_SECEDIT/File/Print structure



    Multi Page Printer


    Select what to print  

    Clip at Screen: Show only those graphics that are
                    drawn at the ARB_NT main window
    Show Handles:   Show/Hide root and mark symbols
    Export colors:  Whether to export colors or not.

    Page Layout  

    The upper part of this section shows the current graphic size, the magnification in effect, the resulting outputsize (after resize) and the used papersize.

    graphic size:   size of graphic in inches. When you change the display
                    while this window stays open (e.g. zoom in/out ...)
                    press <Get Graphic Size> to update the graphic size.
    Magnify%: magnification of graphic. This can either be set manually or
              will be set automatically by changing the number of pages used.

    Papersize: useable paper size in inches (i.e. size of area printer can fill)

    Normally you will select one of the predefined paper formats. Doing this will pass it to fig2dev (which is used to preprocess printing).
    It is also possible to use non-standard-formats by setting the paper size directly, but since they aren't known by fig2dev figuring out magnification, overlap etc. might be tricky or impossible.

    Orientation: Landscape or Portrait mode

    Bordersize: Keep an empty border around the graphic (specified as percentage of
                graphic size)
    Useable size: How much of a page your printer can fill. This is used when
                  calculating the 'Papersize' from paper format.
    This value cannot be influenced by ARB, it's only here to allow you to inform ARB about the capabilities/restrictions of your printer setup.

    Multiple pages  

    Left side shows the fractional number of pages needed to print with current magnification and orientation.

    Fit on XXX pages:

    • shows the number of pages which will be printed
    • change it and click on 'Fit on' to zoom the graphic such that it will fit on the specified number of pages (that will modify 'Orientation' and 'Magnify%')
    • mark lock to fix the number of pages used. You will not be able to change magnification when locked.
    • the small buttons below allow to quickly fit onto the displayed number of pages.

    Overlap: If checked, the printed pages will "slightly" overlap.
             Does not apply when printing to a single page - obviously.
    Note: ARB cannot influence the size of the overlap-region,
          but it needs to know it in order to be able to properly
          calculate the needed magnification.
    If the default of 10% does not match your system, you'll have to test it (use preview for that). Once you got a working value, save properties to store it for future sessions.


    • Printer: Use print command to print
    • File: Use File Name as destination file name
    • Preview: Print to file and show using gv (ghostview)


    HOWTO configure correct overlap  

    The following actions need to be performed in order!

    First you need to determine the 'Useable size':
    • set bordersize to 0%
    • select a graphic which is very tall (i.e. does not fill the complete width of a page when magnified to fit on one page)
    • Fit on 1 page
    • select Destination 'Preview'
    • now change 'Useable size' until height fits best
    • control whether this value is also correct for width and/or landscape. It is important, that you do NOT use multiple pages when checking this.

    Determine whether your fig2dev has the overlap bug:
    • disable overlap bug
    • print on 2 vertically arranged pages in portrait mode with ~1.99 rows of pages
    • if there is empty space at top of printout and some info is clipped at bottom, your fig2dev has the bug

    Determine the overlap value used by fig2dev:
    • switch to landscape mode
    • print ~1.99 rows of pages
    • adjust overlap percentage until it fits best on two pages
    • check value with ~2.99 rows and ~3.99 rows
    • check value with portrait mode



    The default printer used by ARB can be defined by setting the environment variable PRINTER to your printer name.

    To change the proportion between font- and graphic-size you have to change the physical zoom factor (of the radial tree/secondary structure). For dendrogram and IRS tree the physical zoom will also affect the relation between horizontal branch length and vertical branch distance.



    Print a long list tree:

    1. Select tree style in ARB_NT main window
    2. Select File/Print tree
    3. Select Destination 'Printer'
    4. Press PRINT button



    Printing cannot be stopped