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Last update on 04. Mar 2022 .
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Unittest example helpfile





This is the first paragraph of the description. It may be continued on the next line.

Another paragraph also belonging to description. It is followed by an enumeration on the same indentation level:

  1. first enum
  2. second enum which is continued on the next line. Now this is no longer misinterpreted as monospaced paragraph.
  3. third enum

Again a paragraph - a one liner followed by an item list. It is no longer misplaced now!

  • item 1
  • item 2
  • item 3 contains 2 lines


CUSTOM A custom section.  

Acts like DESCRIPTION, despite the SECTION line will be part of the headline. In DESCRIPTION it would be part of the first paragraph.

First i need to check proper support for different indentation levels.

This paragraph has to be indented one level deeper than the previous paragraph.
That paragraph should be on the same level.
Here is another one, even deeper.
Same, same.
Back one step.
One step down - ignoring deeper indentation in source.
Consecutive paragraphs are only placed on the same level if their indentation matches.
Using the indentation level used 4 paragraphs above, wont help here.
But the "wrong" indentation of the previous paragraph forces this paragraph to get indented one level deeper than the paragraphs before.
This does not step back.
same same.

Back to top (end of indentation tests).


Wanted fixes  

Paragraphs containing multiple spaces will be treated as monospaced. This is done to support tabular information like the following:

        column      column
row     1           2
row2    -           3

Problems occur if there are empty lines inside such a table, like here:

column      column
row     1           2
row2    -           3
(should better be combined)

Here is an itemlist whose items are triggered by '*':

  • item1 continued on next line
  • item2
  • item3

Itemlist containing paragraphs under some items

  • item 1
  • item 2
    This is a short description of item 2. This description gets indented below the corresponding item.
  • item 3
    This is a shorter description of item 3.

This is a paragraph which should be placed outside the itemlist. Currently this is misinterpreted as part of the itemlist.

And this paragraph should be back where we were before the itemlist began.

Enumeration also work if using letters instead of digits. You can use capital letters as in the following enum

  1. first enum
  2. 2nd enum
  3. third enum
  4. last enum

or small letters like here:

  1. first enum
  2. 2nd enum
  3. third enum
  4. last enum

Check some "illegal" itemlists:

-  eithernoitem
*  eithernoitem


Here all existing helpfile features should be tested:



text before enum

  1. first enum
    text below first enum
    • first item below first enum
    • second item below first enum
      1. first subenum below second item
        • first item below first subenum
        • second item below first subenum

      2. second subenum below second item
        text before subsubenum
        1. first subsubenum below second subenum
        2. second subsubenum below second subenum

        text behind subsubenum
      3. third subenum below second item

    • third item below first enum

  2. second enum
    This text is not indented more than the second enum, but is nevertheless interpreted as sub-elements which belongs to the enum.
  3. third enum
    behind the last enum, text only becomes a son of the enum-entry if it is indented.

text behind enum



Note that this test may help me.



The whole file is just an example.



This text wont help you.

Even if i add more paragraphs here, it will not get more useful.



will be detected by the unit test checking the files into which this file gets converted.