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VERSION LIST (since 2000)  

See ´ARB change log´ for info about changes in recent and current versions.



Version Date            Comments
1.0:    1993-94         Openwin Version
2.0.0b  June 95         Full Motif Version,
                        Phylip included,
                        Final database but untested
                        Only online help available
2.0.1b  July            Undo Redo,
                        Phylip running fully in background
                        save/load branch labels to NEWICK Format
2.1.0   November        GDE editor can save
                        NEW ALI editor from Niels, Fogt ...
                        a lot of bug fixes: database fixes,
                        recover from corrupt database, ...
2.1.1   January 96      GDE is working now
                        compressing matrices is possible
_       May             Save Changes as
                        Parsimony inserts species sorted by sequence length
                        bug fixes:      - import by readseq improved
2.1.2   July            USA visit.
                        Simple Import Function implemented
                        Perl Interface is running
2.1.3   August          PT_server can be updated on the fly
2.2b    August          Fast Load File implemented (uff a lot of work)
                        bug fixes:      Consensus, import sequences
                        new:            set protection of database fields
2.2.2b  August          more bug fixes in Fast Load File
2.3b    September       much better sequence compression
                        bug fix: probes for groups
2.4b    October         Tags implemented, Tags can be used to subdivide fields
                        resize of most windows does work
2.5b    November        Overall Compression
                        Incremental fastdnaml
                        phylips dnapars is running twice as fast now
                        Search nearest neighbours + Equal Fields
_       December        Linux Version
_       January 97      Macros
_       February        One major bug fixed in the database system
                        Prototype of the new editor
_       March           OSF Alpha Version
                        Bootstrap for Neighbour Joining
_       April           Fast Aligner
                        Merge preserves alignment
_       February 99     ARB_EDIT4 now is the default editor.
                        Code for amino-DNA-translation/realignment
                        completely rewritten.