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Last update on 04. Mar 2022 .
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Import from calc-sheets


ARB/File/Import/Import fields from calc-sheet



Allows to import data from calc-sheets.

Your data HAS TO contain a column which allows to identify a species in arb, i.e. a column containing a unique identifier (e.g. the arb species id ('name') or the 'acc' field).


  • export your calc-sheet in
    • .csv format (comma separated values) or
    • .tsv format (tab separated values),

  • select that file at "Import from CSV",
  • select format type,
  • select which sheet-column/arb-field combination identifies the target species.

Each execution of this funtion does import ONE column from your file. For each step select

  • sheet-column to import and
  • target-field desired.

Additional options:

  • how to handle non-matching sheet-rows.
  • import scope (marked/all)
  • set marks of modified species.
  • field type



The reverse dataflow is available via ´Export NDS List´.