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Last update on 23. Sep 2020 .
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    Export NDS List


    ARB_NT/File/Export/Export fields (to calc-sheet using NDS)



    Writes 'field' (see ´Glossary´) entries and other information specified using the 'NDS' tool (see ´Node Display Setup (NDS)´) of 'marked species' (see ´Glossary´) to an ascii file.

    Choose the 'Export NDS List' option from the 'File' menu to display the 'EXPORT NDS OF MARKED SPECIES' window.

    Select a file name from the 'Directories and Files' subwindow or type it to the 'File Name' subwindow.

    If you want to use the exported data in an office calc-sheet, the recommended mode for 'Column output' is 'TAB separated' or 'Comma separated'.

    For best human readability choose 'Space padded' which uses fixed width columns.



    The suffix shown or typed in the 'Suffix' subwindow is used as a filter for the displayed file names and is automatically appended to the file name in the 'File Name' subwindow.






    Do not choose 'Space padded' if you plan to use the nds-output as input for other scripts (like The nds-output has trailing spaces (as produced e.g. by libre-office) that may easily lead to somewhat unexpected problems during subsequent processing.



    No bugs known