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Last update on 04. Mar 2022 .
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ARB intro window (Open, merge, create ARB databases)


Allows to open an existing 'ARB' database, to merge two 'ARB' databases, and to create a new 'ARB' database importing external data.

To open an existing 'ARB' database, select a '*.arb' file from the 'Existing Files and Directories' subwindow and press the 'OPEN SELECTED' button to display the 'ARB_NT' main window.

To merge (parts of) two 'ARB' databases, press the 'MERGE TWO ARB DATABASES' button.

To create a new 'ARB' database, press the 'CREATE AND IMPORT' button to display the 'ARB IMPORT' window.



A suffix typed or displayed in the 'Suffix' subwindow is used as a filter for the file names to be displayed in the 'Existing Files and Directories' subwindow.

If you want to load a specified ARB quick-save file, remove the suffix and select the wanted file.

ARB databases stored in any directory with read and write permission can be opened starting 'arb' from the current directory. Find the path by successively selecting the corresponding directories from the 'Existing Files and Directories' subwindow.

You might also specify the name of a database or just a directory in the command line.

Details can be found in the command line help. Goto a shell and type

arb --help





The suffix of 'ARB' database files has to be '.arb'!



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