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ARB Parsimony


ARB_NT/Tree/Add species to existing tree/Parsimony ...



The 'ARB_Parsimony' and 'ARB_NT' windows are similar. 'ARB_ Parsimony' contains a subset of 'ARB_NT' functions and in addition some tools for tree reconstruction and evaluation.

Clicking on the prompts in the horizontal menu bar in the upper part of the window displays the corresponding submenus. The submenus are also available using keyboard shortcuts by pressing the meta and a letter key indicated in the main menu bar by underlining.

The elements in the area between the main menu bar and the tree display area ('top area') from left to right:

  • Tree button: Displays the name of the current tree.
  • Stack button: Displays the number of currently stored tree topologies (see ´Store Tree Topologies´).
  • Current parsimony value: Displays the parsimony value of the current topology (see ´Parsimony value´).
  • Jump button: Centers the currently ´Selected species´.
  • HELP button: Displays this help information.

Second row
  • Radial tree display
  • Dendrogram tree display
  • RESTORE: restores previously stored topology
  • STORE: stores the current topology for later restore
  • Optimal parsimony value: Displays the best so far encountered parsimony value (see ´Reset optimal parsimony´).

Main functions:



ARB_PARSIMONY is not designed to CREATE trees from scratch. To do this you have to create a base tree containing at least 2 species using some other program (e.g. ´Neighbour joining´).



ARB_PARSIMONY works on the selected tree, it does instantly change the database.