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Last update on 04. Mar 2022 .
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    Determine sequence changes between different databases


    ARB_MERGE/Transfer Species/Source->Target/Compare a field of listed species...



    Compares contents of a field (selected to compare) between same species in both databases. Information about found differences will be stored in the selected report field in both databases.

    Only species listed in the left hitlist of the 'TRANSFER SPECIES' window are examined.

    If no differences are detected, the selected report field will be deleted from the species.

    Comparison can be customized by the following parameters:

    • tag/subfield
      If a tag is specified, only the content belonging to that tag will be considered for comparison (see ´TAGS: Subfields´ for information about tagging).
    • ignore characters
      When specified, the contents of the field are modified before comparison, i.e. the given characters are removed from the contents. Nevertheless, the position(s) written to the report field are independant of ignored characters, i.e. they are absolute (sequence) positions.
    • ignore case
      When checked case differences are ignored.

    If 'Try to correct field in target DB' is checked, ARB will accept and correct single(!) insertions, deletions and substitutions in the sequence data of the target database. A minimum amount of 10 matching bases is required between two distinct corrections, otherwise the correction will be canceled (and diff-info will be written to report field). Successful corrections are indicated by marking the affected species in the target database.



    This function has been designed to determine sequence changes between different database(s) (versions). Using it for other data fields works.






    Be careful: Select only report fields, that don't contain any data (it will be deleted)!



    No bugs known