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TAGS: Subfields


ARB_NT/Search/More functions/Modify Fields of Listed Species

ARB_MERGE/Transfer species .../Source->Target/Merge tagged fields



Tags are used to subdivide fields into subfields, which often have the same value. E.g. after merging the 16s databases from RDP and DeWachter all species have two full_names: The RDP and DeWachter version which should be equal but which are often not. So we 'TAG' the dewachter database using the tag 'DEW' and the RDP with the tag 'RDP'. Say one species has the full_names "escherichia_RDP" and "escherichia_DEW". Using the tags mechanism the final field will look like this:

' [DEW] escherichia_DEW [RDP] escherichia_RDP'

Tags are sourrounded by brackets and put in front of the corresponding field value. If both subfields have the same value (e.g. "escherichia_coli") fields get merged:

' [DEW,RDP] escherichia_coli'


Operating on tags from ´Modify fields of listed´ allows to modify single subfields only (i.e. not touch other subfields). If there are no tags used yet, the default tag will be added.

Using ´Merge tagged fields´ always operates on all found tags. If source- or target-field does not contain tags, the specified source- or target-tag will be added.






Square Brackets in the fields get replaced by '{}'