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Last update on 04. Mar 2022 .
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ARB_EDIT4 Block Operation





This menu allows you to perform different block operations.

All block operations work on what we call 'Highlighted species'.

To highlight some species use the right mouse button on the name or sequence data of the species/groups. The highlighted sequences or sequence ranges will be drawn with a different background color (see also ´Sequence background color priority´).

More highlighting functions are available in the first section of the Block menu:

  • 'Highlight marked species' highlights all marked species
  • 'De-highlight marked species' removes highlighting from all marked species
  • 'Highlight all' highlights all (loaded) species
  • 'De-highlight all' removes highlighting from all species
  • 'Invert highlighted species' inverts highlighting of all (loaded) species
  • 'Invert group' inverts highlighting of all species in group
  • 'Exchange: Line <-> column' toggles blocktype (see below)
    Use the second section of the block menu to transform "highlighting" into "marking" or vice versa.
    Please consider the difference between the following terms:
    • Marked species:
      species marked in ARB_NT
    • Highlighted species:
      species highlighted in ARB_EDIT4 using right click
    • Selected species:
      species under cursor (see ´Selected species´)

    Several actions can be performed on the highlighted block (see below). These actions can be performed repeatedly by typing the number of repeats into the editor window (check 'Properties/Options/Use digits to repeat edit commands?')
    There are two general types of highlighted blocks:
  • Line blocks include the whole sequence range. To activate a line block first use 'ARB_EDIT4/Block/De-highlight all species' and then right-click on a species name.
  • Column blocks include only a part of the sequence. To activate a column block right-click on the sequence data and move the mouse while keeping the button pressed.
    Add/remove species to/from highlighted: [Note that all clicks mentioned below are right clicks!]
  • You can add or remove species by clicking on their name.
  • The first click on a group name (or bracket) will highlight all species contained in the group and the second click will un-highlight all.


Implemented block operations: