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Last update on 04. Mar 2022 .
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Modify SAI range


ARB_EDIT4/Block/Modify SAI



Select a columnblock (using right mouse button).

Select the SAI you like to modify by left-clicking into it's data.

Enter a script into the textfield or select one of the predefined scripts in the selection box below. See ´Search and Replace Tool (SRT)´, ´ARB Command Interpreter (ACI)´ and ´Regular Expressions (REG)´ for available scripting languages.

Press go to apply the script to the SAI data at the columns of the selected range.



There is no need that your range covers the targeted SAI. The range is only used to determine the columns. The affected SAI (=row) is determined by the current cursor position.

Please also refer to ´SAI calculator´ which offers different methods to modify/create SAI data, esp. combining multiple SAI.



Useful to define multiple regions on an alignment.



@@@ In the future ARB will be able to perform various actions on multiple regions. Currently no such action is implemented.



No bugs known