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Search Database for Genes


ARB_NT/Genome/Search and Query

ARB_NT/Genome/Gene information/Search

ARB_GENEMAP/Genome/Search and Query

ARB_GENEMAP/Genome/Gene information/Search



Searches for a (set of) genes that match (don't match) a query or are marked.

The database is scanned for 'genes' which contain (or do not contain) the search string within the specified 'field'. The corresponding genes and the respective 'field' entries are listed in the 'HIT LIST' subwindow. The number of hits is displayed after the 'Hits:' prompt.

Define whether matching or non-matching genes should be listed by pressing the appropriate combination of buttons in the top area.

Define whether genes are searched in the current, in all marked or in all species.

When performing multiple searches, define whether the list of 'genes' should be replaced by the new results, and whether newly found 'genes' should be removed from or appended to the existing list.

Select a 'field' from the 'Search Field' subwindow.

Type the search string in the 'Search string' subwindow.

Press the <SEARCH> button.



see ´Searching´ for details






If the hitlist becomes too long, it will be truncated.



No bugs known