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    Write to fields of Listed


    ARB_NT/Species/Search and Query/Write to fields of Listed

    ARB_NT/Genome/Search and query/Write to fields of Listed

    ARB_NT/Genome/Experiment/Search and query/Write to fields of Listed



    Writes or appends the same value to the selected field of all listed species/genes.

    If the target field is not a text field, a type conversion takes place. If that conversion results in a different value than the provided one, an error will occur. You may allow lossy conversion by checking the switch.



    A protection level has to be selected from the Protection menu of the main window (ARB_NT/Protection) equal or higher than that assigned to the selected alignment (ARB_NT/ali_*; third broad rectangular button in the upper part of the main window).



    1. Write a date of sequence modification (03.27.95) to the field 'date' of all listed species (overwriting former entries of this field):
      Select 'Field':   'date'
      Type 'value':     '03.27.95'
      Press:            'WRITE'
    2. Add the initials of the modifying person (e.g. "MP") to the entries stored in the fields 'date' of all listed species:
      Select 'Field':    'date'
      Type 'value':      'MP'
      Press:             'APPEND'



    Except for the 'name' field (the identifier), there are no different protection levels for different fields. Take care not to write to fields which should contain unique entries for the corresponding species/genes such as accession numbers.



    No bugs known