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What are Gene-species?


In order to work with alignments of genes you first have to extract the wanted genes into some kind of pseudo-species. We called them 'gene-species'.

You can do that using ´Extract genes to gene-species´.

These gene-species store additional information about the organism and the gene they originated from (in fields 'ARB_origin_gene' and 'ARB_origin_organism'). They only contain that part of the organisms sequence, the gene corresponds to.

The intention is to create different alignments for different groups of genes and to calculate your trees using these alignment(s).

You may also concatenate multiple genes into a multi-gene-alignment (see ´Concatenation of sequences´) and calculate a tree using that alignment.

You may relink trees based on gene-species to the original organisms using ´Relink tree to organisms´.



It's possible to export these gene-species to a separate ARB database using the merge tool.









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