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Last update on 04. Mar 2022 .
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Create groups using field content


ARB_EDIT4/Create/Create new groups using Field



This function groups all highlighted species according to their contents of one field.

  1. highlight some species (see ´ARB_EDIT4 Block Operation´ for howto)
  2. select a field
  3. press 'Group by content'

The content of the selected field will be used

  • to assign a species to a group and
  • to form the group name

That means:

  • all species with the same field content will be grouped together
  • if the field contains different data for each species, then each species will be put into a separate group (not very useful).



Species that lack the selected field (or contain nothing in that field) will not be moved into groups.






Existing groups will not be considered. This function will always create new groups and place them into the editors top area.



No bugs known