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Last update on 17. Nov 2022 .
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Mark by reference


ARB_NT/Species/Mark by reference



Allows to mark all species referred to in the content of a field.

Select whether to check all or marked species.

Enter the name of a field containing references.

A reference is a single species ID ('name') or a comma-, semicolon- or space-separated list of species IDs.

Choose whether

  • to abort if the field is missing or
  • to continue w/o warning

Enter an ACI expression (see ´ARB Command Interpreter (ACI)´) to postprocess the field content. The result must be a reference or reference-list (see above).

The default ACI is '/[0-9.]+[%]*://'. This works with the information written by ´Nearest relatives of LISTED´ if score information has been added.

For the 'used_rels' field written by the fast-aligner (see ´The integrated aligners´) or by sina (see ´Graph Aligner (SINA)´) you might use '/:[0-9]+//'.

Predefined configurations for these two use-cases are available using the config manager button.

Below the ACI there are 3 lines showing

  • the ´Selected species´
  • the content of the specified field
  • the result after processing it through the ACI

Use the result line to check whether the specified ACI does generate a valid ID or list of IDs.

Choose whether

  • to abort if an unknown reference is found or
  • to continue w/o warning

Click 'Mark referenced' to mark all species which are referenced by the examined set of species.









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