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Merge tagged fields


ARB_MERGE/Transfer species .../Source->Target/Merge tagged field



Allows to merge the contents of two fields: one from source database, the other from target database.

This function will only operate on those species listed in the hitlist of the source database.

The field contents will be tagged (with the specified Source- and Targettag). If you use e.g. 'DB1' and 'DB2' as tags the merged result will look like:

Sourcefield   source-content
Targetfield   target-content
Result        [DB1] source-content [DB2] target-content

If both fields have the same content, it will be merges like:

Sourcefield   content
Targetfield   content
Result        [DB1,DB2] content

The result will be written into the selected target database field.

You may also specify a tag (mask) to be deleted.



This feature works as well when merging several databases (more than two). If the target field already contains tags, they will be preserved and the new sourcetag will be added like:

Sourcefield   third-content
Targetfield   [DB1] source-content [DB2] target-content
Result        [DB1] source-content [DB2] target-content [DB3] third-content
Sourcefield   third-content
Targetfield   [DB1,DB2] content
Result        [DB1,DB2] content [DB3] third-content
Sourcefield   content
Targetfield   [DB1] content [DB2] other-content
Result        [DB1,DB3] content [DB2] other-content

Tags should start with an alpha character and should at least be 2 characters long.









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