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Tree Settings


ARB_NT/Properties/Tree Settings

ARB_PARSIMONY/Properties/Tree: Settings



Various tree display settings are available:


Branch setup  

  • 'Base line width' defines the thickness of branches (please also refer to ´LINE MODE´).
  • 'Branch style' allows to select between
    • rectangular branches (traditional layout) and
    • diagonal branches

    (dendrogram view only).
    Note: only the rectangular branch style guarantees that branches do not overlap!


Group setup  

  • 'Show group brackets' toggles the display of group brackets
  • 'Group style' allows to define style and orientation of group polygones
  • 'Greplevel of groups (%)' defines the shading used for folded groups.
  • 'Show group counter' specifies whether a counter shall be displayed for groups and which specific counter type to use (Note: zero marks are always skipped).
  • 'Group counter position' specifies where the group counter is shown.


Vertical scaling  

The following three scaling factors tighly interact:

  • 'Vertical distance' allows to stretch the tree in vertical direction (no effect on radial tree)
  • 'Vertical group scaling' allows to stretch the size of folded groups.
  • '"Biggroup" scaling' allows to define how much space is reserved for big group in relation to small groups.
    0.0 means "all groups get the same vertical size" 1.0 means "size of folded groups = size of unfolded groups"

The following limits for the size of folded groups are hardcoded:

  • minimum size is the size needed for two terminal nodes
  • maximum size is the unfolded size


Auto focus  

  • 'On species change' and 'On tree change' provide behavior similar to the JUMP button in the top area of the main window. These settings define whether and how the ´Selected species´ should be repositioned inside the viewport, when either the species or the tree (or tree display mode) changes.
  • if the toggle "Auto unfold selected species?" is checked, folded groups will temporarily get unfolded to make the selected species visible.


Advanced tree settings  

More advanced options are available by using the


Working with configurations  

When using the config manager (see ´Property/settings configurations´), the advanced tree settings will be stored together with the settings from this window.

To copy tree settings from ARB main window to the ARB parsimony window, use the config manager :

  • save the config to a file from the source window and
  • restore it from that file in the target window.



The line width of individual branches can be changed independently using the 'LINE WIDTH MODE'.









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