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Last update on 04. Jul 2023 .
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Property/settings configurations


Anywhere (buttons with config icon)



This provides a general way to store and restore settings from the window, where this has been called from.

  • Restore: restores a named configuration (from properties)
  • Store: store current settings as named configuration (into properties)
  • Delete: delete named configuration
  • Load: load settings from a file, STORE and RESTORE
  • Save: RESTORE stored settings and save them to a file
  • Edit: allows to edit stored settings (see ´Edit config entries´)
  • Factory defaults: reset all values to their defaults

You may enter a description for each stored configuration.



To keep stored settings permanently (i.e. for future arb sessions), use 'Save properties' from the 'Properties' menu!

Saving configurations allows you to share them with other users. The configs are saved in directory pointed to by environmentvariable ARBCONFIG (which defaults to ~/.arb_prop/cfgSave). See also ´ARB environment variables´.

Saving + loading also provides

  • cloning a config (=save it and reload it into a new config)
  • renaming a config (=clone and delete it)

Predefined (hardcoded) configurations are marked by a leading '*'. You may only restore or save such configurations.






Unfortunately we use the term 'configuration' for two things:

Please do not mix them up.