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PT_SERVER Administration





Allows you to start/kill and build/update 'PT_SERVER' databases.

Select a 'PT_SERVER' and database from the menu displayed after pressing the button below the 'PT_SERVER' prompt.

Start or kill the selected 'PT_SERVER' by pressing the corresponding buttons.

Press the 'BUILD SERVER' button to export the current database to the selected 'PT_SERVER' database.


PTSERVER for genes  

In Genome Databases you may check the 'Gene server'-toggle to build a PT-Server which is based on the sequences of the single genes (and intergene regions) of all organisms.

Such a PT-Server allows to perform similarity searches and probe design/match for single genes (in opposite to whole genomes with a "normal" PT-Server).

When designing probes with such a gene PT-Server you always have to validate these probes against a PT-Server build upon complete genome sequences, otherwise you will get incorrect results for all probes matching at beginning/end of a gene.



Read PT_SERVER: What Why and How if you do not understand this helptext.

The probe designing and matching tools ('ARB_PROBE') and the aligner of the editor ('ARB_EDIT4') rely on 'PT_SERVER' databases and servers.

Update (re-build) the 'PT_SERVER' database when new sequence (species) entries or sequence modifications (base changes) have been introduced into the current database.

You can watch the progress of updating the PT_SERVER using 'View server log' (see also ´View ARB logs´).









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