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Last update on 04. Mar 2022 .
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    Edit config entries


    In each config manager (see ´Property/settings configurations´)



    Allows to delete entries from a config.

    This lets you define custom subsets of a configuration, i.e. configurations that will restore only some (of all available) entries.

    Select an unwanted entry and press 'Delete selected entry'. The entry will be removed and when you restore the config the current value of the removed entry will no longer be modified.

    Pressing 'Keep only entries differing from current state' will delete all entries which match the current state. Be aware: after restoring a config this will delete ALL entries from the config!

    You may also manually edit the value of the selected entry.






    Create a config which only contains what was changed and differs from default values:

    • enter a new configuration name
    • press 'Store'
    • press 'Factory defaults'
    • press 'Edit'
    • press 'Keep only entries differing ...'

    Create two configurations (for two usecases) which only change the differences between both usecases:

    • configure for first usecase
    • store configuration 'case1'
    • configure for second usecase
    • store configuration 'case2'
    • select configuration 'case1'
    • click 'Edit'
    • press 'Keep only entries differing ...'
    • click 'Restore'
    • select configuration 'case2'
    • press 'Keep only entries differing ...'






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