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Last update on 04. Mar 2022 .
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Sort tree by other tree


ARB_NT/Tree/Beautify tree/By other tree



Works similar to ´Sort Tree Topology´, but here branches are rearranged according to the mean position of their leafs in another given tree.

Select the tree you want to use as reference for ordering, then click 'Sort according to source tree' to apply the order to the currently displayed tree (target tree).



This also works fine when the source tree DOES NOT contain all species of the target tree. Wherever the source tree does not define any ordering, the order of the target tree is kept.

This function is e.g. useful after you have added some species to a (copy of a) tree and then have optimized the tree: now you may want to sort the copied tree according to the original tree. That reduces the unwanted re-ordering caused by tree-optimization, without affecting the topology.

If you call the function several times with different source trees, the last call will be most dominant. Ordering effects of foregoing calls will remain in tree-regions uncovered by source-trees used in subsequent calls.









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