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Last update on 25. Nov 2018 .
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Sort Tree Topology


ARB_NT/Tree/Beautify tree/...

ARB_PARSIMONY/Tree/Beautify tree



Arranges branches and groups according to the size of each subtree. If the size doesn't differ at a furcation, subtrees will be sorted alphabethically. This ensures the sorting is stable.

Sorting does not change the tree topology, it only swaps branches!


Available sort modes

The first sort mode sorts the bigger branches to the top, the third sorts them to the bottom.

The second sort mode sorts the bigger branches to the edges of the tree and the smaller branches to the center.

The fourth and fifth mode are designed to sort the tree for the radial tree display mode.

The fourth mode does the opposite of the second mode: it sorts bigger branches to the center and smaller ones to the borders of the tree.

The fifth mode alternates between second and fourth mode.



This facilitates the comparison of tree topologies resulting from different treeing approaches.

In ARB_PARSIMONY you cannot select the beautification method: it will always sort bigger branches to top. This will also happen automatically after ´Tree optimization´.









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