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Marking species


ARB_NT/Species/Mark species/...



Provides several ways to mark species.

Three general methods are available:

  • mark
  • unmark
  • invert

Each of these methods can be applied to one of three basic sets, namely

  • all species in the database
  • all species in the current tree or
  • all species NOT in the current tree

These three sets can be intersected with one of the more specific sets, which are provided by the submenu entries at the bottom of the 'Mark species' menu, namely

  • all complete species (see ´Partial sequences´),
  • all partial species or
  • all species with data in the current alignment.



To check the number of marked species

  • look at the button in the ARB_NT top area displaying the number of all marked species or
  • choose one of the various 'Count marks of .. species ..' from the 'Mark species' menu.

The "current tree" mentioned above is the tree currently displayed in the main window. When you have multiple ARB_NT windows open (see ´Multiple ARB_NT windows´), make sure you use the menu of the intended ARB_NT window.

When using one or two sets (tree, complete, partial or alignment), all species not included in the set (or in both sets) will not be affected/counted.









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