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Synchronize tree scrolling


ARB_NT/Tree/Sync tree scrolling..



Allows to synchronize scrolling of two or more tree-views based on the set of species currently displayed on screen.

To use this feature you need to open a second tree display as explained in ´Multiple ARB_NT windows´.

After opening a second tree view, the selection list in the "Synchronize tree scrolling" window will show that view.

To help you to indentify the views, the name of the currently displayed tree is shown behind the view name. The view names themselves are just 'ARB' followed by a number like in 'ARB (1)' for all but the 1st view. These numbers match those in the window title of the tree views.

By selecting that view, the tree view of the first arb window ("slave-view") will synchronize with the second view ("master-view") once.

  • at any time you may press the 'Sync scroll' button to perform a instant synchronization of the slave-view or
  • you may select the 'Auto-sync'-toggle. If checked, the slave-view will automatically synchronize whenever the master-view does change.

The synchronization is based on visible species only (ie. folded groups are ignored completely; in master- and slave-view).

During synchronization the slave-view gets scrolled to the position containing most of the species currently visible in the master-view. If there are multiple such positions, the "topmost" such position is chosen.



Each tree view has its own separate 'Synchronize tree scrolling' configuration.



You may also use more than two views for scroll synchronization.

For example open 3 windows and

  • synchronize the 2nd and 3rd view to the 1st view or
  • synchronize the 2nd to 1st and the 3rd to the 2nd view

If you configure a looped dependency, ARB will switch off one dependency to avoid a deadlock.



When used with BIG trees synchronizing two views may be quite slow. In such cases it's not recommended to link the views with 'Auto-sync'. Instead you may want to request each sync manually using the sync button.



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