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Last update on 30. Nov 2022 .
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    Load tree from file


    ARB_NT/Tree Admin/Import



    Allows to import a tree written in Newick format.

    Press the 'IMPORT' button to display the 'TREE LOAD' window.

    Select a tree file from the 'Directories and Files' subwindow or type the file name to the 'FILE NAME' subwindow.

    Specify a tree name ('tree_*') by typing it to the 'tree_name:' subwindow.

    Press the 'LOAD' button.



    If a suffix is displayed in or typed to the 'SUFFIX' subwindow, only the corresponding file names will be displayed. The suffix is automatically appended to the file name typed to the 'FILE NAME' subwindow.



    The format recognized by ARB is a slightly enhanced Newick format.

    ARB enhancement:

    If the 'internal_node_label' contains 'number' it is interpreted as bootstrap value.
    If the 'internal_node_label' contains 'number:name' number is interpreted as bootstrap value, and name is interpreted as group name.
    If the 'internal_node_label' contains 'name' it is interpreted as group name.





    The IDs associated with terminal nodes have to be consistent with those of the current database!

    Never give your groups numeric names or the ARB Newick enhancement will not work for you!



    No bugs known