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Tree administration


ARB_NT/Tree Admin



The tree admin window allows to perform several operations on the trees stored in the database.

To perform one of the operations

  1. select 'Tree Admin' from the 'Tree' menu or click the admin button in the tree selection window,
  2. select a tree from the tree list at the bottom of the window
  3. choose one of the following operations


Available operations  


Delete the selected tree from the database.
A tree may only be deleted if a protection level equal or higher (than the one assigned to the selected tree) has been chosen in the 'ARB_NTREE' main window.


Change the name of the selected tree. Tree names have to be unique.


Create a copy of a tree. Use this e.g. before you optimize a tree using ARB-Parsimony (see ´Starting ARB Parsimony´).


Save tree to file in NEWICK format (see ´Export tree to file´).


Load a NEWICK formatted tree from a file (see ´Load tree from file´).

Change tree comment

Each tree has a comment attached. The comment of each tree is displayed behind the trees name in the tree selection list.
The comment of the selected tree is displayed in the comment box. Simply modify the text there to change the comment.
Several functions that modify trees automatically append a note to the comment (e.g. copying or importing a tree).

Set protection level

The selection button above the tree comment box shows the protection level assigned to the currently selected tree. Change its value to assign a different protection level. See 'Delete' for effects.

Change order of trees

To change the order of the trees use the buttons at the right side of the tree selection list.


An example macro ("keep_listed_trees.amc") is delivered together with ARB, which allows to delete all unwanted trees from a database, by defining a list of all trees to keep. That macro can be found using the file-prompter under ´Macros´ (see EXAMPLES section there).









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