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    Move node info


    ARB_NT/Tree/Tree admin/Move Node Info



    Move the internal group labels from one tree to another. If the trees are different, the program will try to guess where to put the inner node labels. If a node cannot be places optimal, then a message is generated.

    Select the (source) tree with the node labels in the left selection list and the destination tree in the right selection list.

    If you press 'Copy info' all nodes in the destination tree get deleted and the new nodes are inserted instead.

    If you press 'Add info' the nodes in the destination tree are renamed ('newname [was: oldname]') and non-existing nodes from the source tree are inserted.

    If you check 'only info containing marked species' only groups containing at least one marked species are moved to the destination tree.



    Moving node info depends on placement of the tree root. Setting the root in the destination tree similar to the root in the source tree can greatly improve results of node transfer.



    ARB sets the root-node of the destination tree, but often fails to find the best possible node (see also






    It's slow..