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Last update on 04. Mar 2022 .
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Compare taxonomy


ARB_NT/Tree/Compare taxonomy



This module helps to detect differences in taxonomy classification defined by two trees.

The main feature of this module is triggered by the 'species with taxonomy changed' button. It searches all species that are included in both selected trees, checks if the taxonomy information differs between both trees and targets those species, that differ by more than the specified number of levels (see also examples below).

Use the toggle at the left side to choose whether the targeted species should be marked, unmarked or get their marks inverted.

The remaining actions do not compare taxonomy information and are provided for convenience here:

  • target species included in both trees
  • target species only included in one of the selected trees
  • target all species



Optionally the difference-level between classifications defined by left and right tree can be written into a db-field of each targeted species.

  • to write the difference level to ALL species that exist in both selected trees, enter "-1" as minimum difference level.
  • if you're working on taxonomy, it may be useful to visualize the difference level using the ´Database field shader´.


Examples for difference between classifications:  

in left tree:  Bacteria/Firmicutes_Bacilli
in right tree: Bacteria/Firmicutes_Bacilli/Bacillales_Bacillaceae_2
difference:    1 level
in left tree:  Bacteria/Firmicutes_Clostridia_1/Clostridiales/Ruminococcaceae
in right tree: Bacteria/Firmicutes_Clostridia_1
difference:    2 levels
in left tree:  Bacteria/Firmicutes_Clostridia_1/Clostridiales/Lachnospiraceae/uncultured
in right tree: Bacteria/Firmicutes_Clostridia_1/Clostridiales/Lachnospiraceae/Oribacterium
difference:    2 levels


To compare topologies use ´Compare tree topologies´.






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