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Last update on 04. Mar 2022 .
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E. coli Reference


ARB_EDIT4/Edit/Reload Ecoli sequence



The SAI entry 'ECOLI' is used by the editor and other programs to detect and display the current cursor position with respect to the homologous position within the E. coli sequence.

If you have no SAI 'ECOLI' yet this creates one:

  • Search your ecoli sequence and select it.
  • Go to species information window and
    • press SPECIES/COPY to create a copy of the ´Selected species´. This will create a species with ID 'xxx0' or similar, where 'xxx' is the ID of your selected species.
    • select the 'name' field and change it to 'ECOLI'
    • press 'SPECIES/Convert to SAI'



After inserting or deleting gaps in the whole alignment (ARB_NT/ Sequence/Insert/Delete column) the reference SAI has to be reloaded by this function.

You may as well choose any other sequence as reference sequence.

See ´ARB_EDIT4: Node Display Setup (NDS)´ to change the default name 'Ecoli'.



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